The Best Portable Speakers

The majority of today’s best portable speakers work well outdoors. However, its important to choose a set that plays loudly enough to be heard over outdoor noises. Bose models excel in this regard, but they are expensive. An alternative option is to select a modular model that can be daisy-chained with others. The X-mini is a prime example. Pay attention to the audio features that are included in whatever speaker set you are considering.

 The Most Portable Speakers

If portability is a top concern, options like the Bose SoundLink Mobile Speaker 2 are probably off the table. They tend to weigh a little too much for someone who is on the go all day. There are plenty of pint-sized portable speakers, but you should choose a model that has excellent battery life too. The X-mini is a great option because it is very compact, extremely lightweight and has a battery that lasts up to 15 hours at a stretch.

 The Best Portable Speakers for Parties

It’s nice to be able to play music from your mobile device while throwing a party. The best portable speakers make that easy to do. The speakers will need to be loud enough so that everyone can hear them, and that’s a tall order. If the party is outdoors, something like the Jawbone JAMBOX should work well. If it’s indoors, linkable speakers, like the X-mini and the iHome iHM60GY, are excellent options to consider.

 The Best Portable Speakers to Use at Home Every Day

What if you just need a great set of portable speakers to primarily use at home? If you’re going to use them all the time, it’s well worth it to invest a little extra money in them. You can’t go wrong with anything by Bose, so be sure to consider the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker and the Bose SoundLink Mobile Speaker 2. You will not be disappointed.

 The Bottom Line on the Best Portable Speakers

With so many features, price points and options, it’s a snap to find the perfect pair of portable speakers. Now that you know a little about the best features, familiarize yourself with some of today’s most popular models by checking out our convenient chart.