Major Features to Consider when Shopping for Portable Speakers

Feature to consider before shopping for portable speakers are shown in this review. Be on the lookout for these while shopping for speakers of your own:

Wireless Connectivity– You use a mobile device to avoid being tethered down, so shouldn’t your speakers be wireless too? Some of the best portable speakers rely on Bluetooth technology for fast, first-rate wireless connectivity. The vast majority of popular mobile devices are compatible with Bluetooth, so you should be good to go. For extra flexibility, however, you might want to invest in portable speakers that can also be connected with a wire. These typically have auxiliary-in, 3.5-mm jacks.

Wireless Range– Like most people, you’ll probably keep your mobile device close to your portable speakers while using them. Still, what if you want to do a little wandering around? You shouldn’t be forced to stay right near the speakers to listen to music, so make sure to check the wireless range of any speakers that you consider. Wireless ranges vary considerably. Some models, like the Photive CYREN, boast ranges of more than 33 feet. Others have more limited ranges, so be sure to read the fine print.

Battery – Wireless, portable speakers are powered by batteries. Most of today’s top-selling portable speakers have lithium-ion batteries, which are prized for their ability to hold charges for long periods of time. Still, there is a wide range in terms of how long these speakers can go before needing to be recharged. The JLB Flip, for instance, only has a battery life of about five hours. The Jawbone JAMBOX, on the other hand, can go up to 15 hours before needing to be recharged.

Recharging the Battery  – It also pays to find out how the battery in a set of portable speakers is recharged. You won’t have to worry about buying new batteries all the time, but you can expect to have to plug in your speakers periodically to keep them charged. Many models, including the HDMX Jam Classic, are recharged using USB cables that connect to wall adapters or computers. Others, like the Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker, recharge on cradles. Some speakers can be used while they’re recharging, which is a nice perk.

Audio Performance– What’s the point in using portable speakers with your mobile device if the sound quality isn’t very good? There’s a wide range out there in terms of audio quality. If it’s important to you, be sure to look for features like 360-degree sound output, high-quality acoustic drivers, passive bass radiators and digital signal processing. The X-mini portable speaker and some other models expand to create audio resonance chambers that amplify sound even more and produce crisp, clear audio that you’re sure to love.

Size and Portability– The last thing you’re going to want to do is lug around a heavy, cumbersome set of speakers. Just because something is marketed as being portable doesn’t mean it’s definitely easy to take from place to place, so always look at the weight and dimensions of a speaker set before buying it. The Oontz Angle has a very low profile and weighs in at just nine ounces. Meanwhile, the Bose SoundLink weighs around 1.5 pounds. Capsule speakers like the X-mini are especially portable. Other models, including the iHome iHM60GY, are collapsible.

Portable Speaker- A Review

In any system the speaker is the main part that takes the electronic signals that are available on the tapes, DVDs and CDs and then convert it to real sound that we are able to hear. These can be categorized into loud, dynamic and portable speakers.

Nowadays portable speakers are used mostly with iPods, laptops and iphones. They are also available in mini, table and amplified models. The most important characteristic of these types is that, they can be moved here and there another without any problem. There is a new breed of such portable speakers in the market which are hot favourites amongst traveller, in beaches, offices, in dorms or hostels as they can be plugged into laptops, mp3 players and iPods easily and the sound emitted is more than enough to fill an entire medium sized room. They are extremely suitable for social gatherings in different locations like offices, beaches, hotels, hostels and dorms.

Interesting some of the models doesn’t need electricity to run as they have in built or rechargeable batteries. Portable laptop speakers are preferred nowadays because the sound available in laptops are comparatively less and in social gatherings or while doing some other work the sound is not enough to hear music. Hence the external ones that come with USB chargers are gaining popularity nowadays because they do not require separate power supply but instead as the USB gets connected it gets charged and works at the same time. Some of the leading brands of these include Logitech, Altec, Sebronics, Quantum and Panasonic.

On the other hand portable mini speakers are small and stylish gadgets which give high performance and are also cheap. These are a combination of great sound and also loud enough to be heard with clarity. Nowadays they are available in compact models that are excellent for travelling. The iPod speakers are also available in the portable design and are connected to the iPod conveniently for higher volume. While picking up this kind of speaker care should be taken to see the quality of sound and the price. Leading brands like Philips, Nokia, I ball and Jbl manufacture these portable ones for iPod.

The iPhone portable speakers are also available in leading brands like Jbl and Altec. These are ready to be used ones and can be started in a few minutes. The sound emitted from the speaker is accurate and with an impressive frequency. On the other hand there are also table iPod amplified stereo speakers that can be placed on table tops and are wireless.

The Best Portable Speakers

The majority of today’s best portable speakers work well outdoors. However, its important to choose a set that plays loudly enough to be heard over outdoor noises. Bose models excel in this regard, but they are expensive. An alternative option is to select a modular model that can be daisy-chained with others. The X-mini is a prime example. Pay attention to the audio features that are included in whatever speaker set you are considering.

 The Most Portable Speakers

If portability is a top concern, options like the Bose SoundLink Mobile Speaker 2 are probably off the table. They tend to weigh a little too much for someone who is on the go all day. There are plenty of pint-sized portable speakers, but you should choose a model that has excellent battery life too. The X-mini is a great option because it is very compact, extremely lightweight and has a battery that lasts up to 15 hours at a stretch.

 The Best Portable Speakers for Parties

It’s nice to be able to play music from your mobile device while throwing a party. The best portable speakers make that easy to do. The speakers will need to be loud enough so that everyone can hear them, and that’s a tall order. If the party is outdoors, something like the Jawbone JAMBOX should work well. If it’s indoors, linkable speakers, like the X-mini and the iHome iHM60GY, are excellent options to consider.

 The Best Portable Speakers to Use at Home Every Day

What if you just need a great set of portable speakers to primarily use at home? If you’re going to use them all the time, it’s well worth it to invest a little extra money in them. You can’t go wrong with anything by Bose, so be sure to consider the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker and the Bose SoundLink Mobile Speaker 2. You will not be disappointed.

 The Bottom Line on the Best Portable Speakers

With so many features, price points and options, it’s a snap to find the perfect pair of portable speakers. Now that you know a little about the best features, familiarize yourself with some of today’s most popular models by checking out our convenient chart.